Microsoft Band - Best Gadget for this Thanks Giving


Microsoft Band Features

In Nov 2014 Microsoft announced new gadget – "Microsoft Band".  It is useful device.

Features of Microsoft Band

  • Activity Tracker
  • Heart rate monitor (24 hr heart rate tracking)
  • Guided Workaouts
  • Skin
  • Email notification
  • Calendar reminder
  • GPS


Sleep Tracking

I have used fitbit and fitbit sleep tracking is very basic. Compared to this Microsoft band has much better sleep tracking.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Microsoft band continiouslly track heart rate monitor.  This is fantastic feature.

Guided Workout

You choose a targetted workaout. Microsoft Band can help you track and follow this.

Cortana - Personal assistant

Cortana is Microsoft tool that can tak voice commands.  It is available on Microsoft band too. For setting reminder, take notes you need not have to use your finger - just give voice command to Cortana and it will take care.

Phone Calls

On your wrist - you can see who is calling you or whether you have voice mail.  No need to take out your phone from pocket or bag if you have Microsoft Band on your wrist.

Text Message

If you receieve a text message - you can see sender and message on your Microsoft Band.


This is great for office user. May not be useful for people who donot use email.  You get email notification on your wrist.


Once again - great tool for people who have too mamny meeting. Microsoft Band on your wrist can remind you of meeting, calendar event.

Work with Windows, IPhone, Android

This is best part.  Microsoft Band app work with all types of Phone.

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